The FastCamera13 is a high-speed megapixel digital camera system, based on a CMOS imager with an global electronic shutter. This camera has a high-speed, scaleable, integrated FPGA and memory subsystem which enable stand-alone high speed in-camera image processing. When integrated with a camera link framegrabber/coprocessor board, the resulting system capabilities can be expanded by adding processors and memory on the board according to the needs of the user. Another option is the USB2.0 version which allows the full rate capture of events in the camera for eventual downloading.

FastCamera13 Key Features:

  • The FastCamera13 uses a 1280H x 1024V (4 megapixel) CMOS digital image sensor capable of 500 frames/second operation at full resolution
  • 1280H x 1024V image resolution
  • 12-micron-square active-pixel photodiodes
  • 500+ frames per second, progressive-scan
  • At full resolution, frame rate can go up to 500,000 fps at 1 x 1280pixels
  • Monochrome or color (Bayer Pattern)
  • Ten (10) parallel output ports
  • USB2.0 output option
  • Photobit® TrueColorTM Image Fidelity
  • On-chip TrueBit® Noise Cancellation
  • On-chip 10-bit analog-to-digital converters
  • FPGA and memory-based configurable interface formats and onboard processing
  • Supported by a full range of software tools
  • Binning in order to achieve increased sensitivity at full frame rates
  • Optional SRAM for ultra fast processing
  • Optional additional DDRAM and increased FPGA size for additional processing capability
  • Trigger-able global electronic shutter (sync./async. modes)
  • C holder mount (F with adaptor)


  • Uses Micron Imaging's MI-MV13 sensor
  • 1280 x 1024 x 8 bits @ 500 fps (10 bits 400 fps)
  • 15.36 mm x 12.29 mm active area
  • 12-micron square active pixels
  • 40% Fill Factor
  • Monochrome or color (Bayer Pattern)
  • On-chip Noise Cancellation
  • Dynamic range 59 db
  • Monochrome: 2500 bits per lux-second @ 550 nm
  • Shutter 99.9% efficiency
  • Noise 58 db (10 bit mode lowest sensor gain setting, nominal pixel of 512 counts)

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  • Uses Xilinx Vertex II FPGA's ()from 1000K to 8000K gates
  • Image storage up to 50 full size frames at full speed (more for partial scanned images)
  • Image averaging
  • By pixel gain and offset calibration
  • Programmable ROI (via serial port)
  • Image sub-sampling
  • Convolution filtering
  • Binarization with dynamic threshold
  • VHDL customizable processing


  • USB2.0 output option with in-camera storage or alternately,
  • Up to three 85 MHz Channel Link interfaces supported
  • 80 data bits at 85 MHz


  • Power supply +5 Volts
  • 12 Pin Power Connector
  • Camera LinkTM Support
  • External Trigger In and Out (sync./async. modes)
  • 0 to 50 Degree C operating
  • Weight < 600 grams

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In every case row size is 1280 pixels

  • 1 row in frame: ~500,000 frames/ sec.
  • 2 rows in frame: ~250,000 frames/ sec.
  • 10 rows in frame: ~50,000 frames/ sec.
  • 100 rows in frame: ~5,000 frames/ sec.
  • 256 rows in frame: ~2,000 frames/ sec.
  • 512 rows in frame: ~1,000 frames/ sec.
  • 1,024 rows in frame: ~500 frames/ sec.


  • FPGA size options from 280K to three million gates
  • 40 bit memory up to 160MB at 266 Mhz
  • 80 bit memory up to 320 MB at 266 Mhz.


  • USB2.0 control with USB2.0 option
  • FastCamera13 uses RS-644 serial communication as specified in the Camera LinkTM standard
  • The RS-644 serial connection in the Camera LinkTM interface is used to issue commands to the camera for changing modes and parameters
  • The serial link can also be used to query the camera about its current setup


The system supports a wide range of custom user selected ROI's and operating modes. For example, full resolution 1280x1024 frames at 500 fps with smaller ROI speeds of up to 100x100 pixels at 5000 fps , 1X1280 pixels at 500,000 fps. There is a wide range of availble real-time algorithms such as:

  • Image storage up to 800 full size frames at full speed without compression
  • Image averaging
  • By pixel gain and offset calibration
  • Programmable ROI (via serial port)
  • Image sub-sampling
  • Convolution filtering
  • Binarization with dynamic threshold
  • Lossless and lossy real-time compression at full speed using VHDL and Verilog compatible IP
  • VHDL customizable processing

The system can be provided with dedicated software to perform gauging, tooling and pattern matching in the camera. Thus providing a stand-alone system for real-time, flexible measurement and pattern analysis applications.

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