Fast64 Framegrabber

Fast-64 Frame Grabber

FastVision provides three frame grabbers for cameras interfacing via Camera Link. The low speed version is called Fast-64 which has two basic or one medium Camera Link to provide interfacing to the FastCamera series. (The other two are the FastX 1703, and the laptop version, the FastFrame-XB.)

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Fast-64 Features

  • Half length PCI board with no or one TriMedia processor with 64 MB of dedicated high speed (572MB/s) SDRAM, capable of over 720 MFLOPS of computational power
  • Three 85 MHz Camera Link (Channel Link) inputs
  • Programmable FPGA's for I/O interface configuration
  • 64-256MB SDRAM frame buffer memory
  • 64/32 bit external PCI bus
  • Supported by standard software development tools, including fully optimized microcoded signal and image processing libraries (FOIL)
  • Optional Nexperia (TriMedia) software development environment (SDE) for Windows® 9X/NT/2K and Solaris™ and Linux

Technical Specifications


Camera Control
Serial port Asynchronous RS-232, 600-19,200 Baud
Frame/line start outputs 2 RS-422
Exposure control out. 2 RS-422
Master clock out. 2 RS-422 programmable in 0.07 Hz steps up to 40 MHz
General purpose out. 4 RS-422
Pixel clock inputs 2 RS-422
Line/frame valid in. 4 RS-422
External trigger in. 2 RS-422
Gen. purpose in. 4 RS-422
Power No camera power provided by card; use an external supply
RS-422 input RS-422, LVDS signaling


PCI Interface
Clock rate 33 MHz max.
Data width 64/32 bits
Peak DMA rate 256/132 MB/sec.
Standards compliance PCI Rev. 2.1


PMC Interface
Clock rate 33 MHz max.
Data width 32 bits
Peak DMA rate 132 MB/sec.
Standards compliance PCI Rev. 2.1

The Philips PNX1302 Processor

The Philips developed PNX1302 is a high-performance programmable single-chip processor that delivers real-time processing of audio, video, graphics, and communications datastreams. The Nexperia (TriMedia) PNX1302 employs a typical Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) architecture capable of 720 MFLOPS/900 MIPS peak and has a 32-bit CPU that connects instruction and data caches at rates of 4 GB/sec and 1100MB/sec peak. By incorporating the Philips Nexperia processor into the Fast-64, customers and developers can significantly increase their processing power enabling them to work more efficiently and cost effectively.

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