The FastCamera FC1700 is a high-speed 17 megapixel digital camera system, using a CMOS imager with an electronic global shutter, or rolling shutter. This camera has a high-speed, scalable, integrated FPGA, image processor, and memory subsystem which enables stand-alone high speed in camera image processing and extended storage. Options include ruggedized, Expanded Camera Link output, Gigabit Ethernet output, and in camera recording. When integrated with a high powered frame grabber /coprocessor board, the resulting system capabilities can be expanded by adding processors and memory on the board according to the needs of the user.

FastCamera FC1700 Key Features:

High Resolution

  • 4812 × 3624 (17.4 MP) pixel array (including Black/Dummy)
  • 5.0 um (H) × 5.0 um (V) pixel
  • 4800 × 3600 / 4:3 aspect ratio; 4800 × 2700 / 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 24.0mm (H) × 18.0mm (V) – 4800 × 3600 sensor active area
  • 24.0mm (H) × 13.5mm (V) – 4800 × 2700 sensor active area

High Speed

  • Up to 90 fps at 4800 × 3600 (10-bit)
  • Up to 120 fps at 4800 × 2700 (10-bit)
  • 6-port Dual Row Readout with high-speed LVDS outputs

High Sensitivity, Wide Dynamic Range and Ultra Low Noise

  • 66 to 492 uV/e- selectable; 1.4 V full scale range
  • 62 dB dynamic range; 8 e- rms noise

Excellent Image Quality

  • Patented Active Column Sensor (ACS®) technology
  • 14-bit per Column Distributed A/D (D/ADTM)
  • Correlated Multi-Sampling (CMS™) to reduce noise or add gain

Multiple Operating Modes

  • Global Shutter or Rolling Shutter
  • 6-port Dual Row Readout or 3-port Single Row Readout
  • Dual Data Rate (DDR) or Single Data Rate (SDR)

Additional Features

  • Programmable Analog Gain
  • Limited Region Of Interest (ROI)
  • Digital Binning within Columns
  • Asynchronous Exposure Control

Internal Memory

  • 8 Gigabytes of internal memory
  • Capture to memory with slow readout.
  • Real time (full sensor speed) capture to memory 

Inteface Options

  • GigE interface, for slow readout of captured images. 80 MBytes per second.
  • Extended Full Camera Link readout with four channel links, at up to 1 Gigabytes per second.

FastCamera 1700 Diagram

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